December 2011

Frederic Chopin

Piano's most popular composer.

Frederic Chopin is probably the single most influential composer for the piano who ever lived. The Polish composer, who lived near Warsaw for most of his life and died in Paris, popularized the mazurka, but also innovated the sonata, prelude and waltz. If you hear a piece of dramatic piano music in a movie or television show today, you can guess it's probably by Chopin (if it's not by French composer, Satie). In his short life--he only lived to the age of 39, Chopin accomplished a great deal.

Matawaka - 'Tuhoronuku'

The Matawaka project takes the sounds of traditional Maori vocals and instrumentation and underlays them with the dirty synth smears of contemporary dubstep. I'm not sure if they're simply hopping onto the trend of throwing dubstep at everything or if there's actually some real genre-evolving work being done here, but at least it sounds cool. Take a gander. 

Inuit Throat Singing

Very different from the overtone singing we usually think of when we hear "throat singing", this style of indigenous music focuses more on the give-and-take between two singers in dialogue. The cycling back and forth produces some really interesting textures. Check it out.