April 2010

Putumayo Makes My Heart Sing

If you’d like to get into world music but simply don’t know where to begin, Putumayo is a fantastic label to get started with. The company has albums available from different places and cultures all around the world, and every CD is a compilation of several artists so you get a taste of different flavors and sounds. It’s like a tasting menu for your ears!

The latest Putumayo album out, for example, is Latin Party. This one will be a hit for your summer shindigs coming up. It’s also a great workout mix. Considered one of the most diverse Latin music albums available, it includes cumbia, salsa, ska, boogaloo, son, funk, and other styles of music with several rising stars, paying “homage to Latin music’s past while creatively moving it into the 21st century.” In one sentence, this album will get you moving!